Our purpose

The Miller Basketball Academy (MBA) is the official feeder program of the Noblesville High School basketball program, and we aim to teach future Noblesville Millers (Grades 3-6) the right way to play basketball. We encourage them to love the game and help them develop their character skills.

Who we play through:  Indiana Ball and Pacers Athletic Center
Where we play:  Mojo, PAC at Grand Park, Best Choice, Lebanon Fieldhouse



The MBA will focus on teaching the necessary skills to become an excellent basketball player. We will emphasize the proper technique for shooting, dribbling, passing, catching, pivoting, ball handling, cutting, screening, rebounding, and defending. In addition, players will be introduced to the Noblesville H.S. varsity system, learning practice drills, offensive and defensive concepts, and terminology that is used at the NHS varsity level.

passion for the game

The MBA wants to engage and inspire each player so that he will develop a love and passion for the game of basketball. This passion will drive him to become the best basketball player he can be. A player who loves the game will continue to improve his skill level through years of repetition and then will potentially one-day play varsity basketball for the Noblesville Millers.

character development

The MBA will emphasize the development of both performance and moral skills through playing the game. We will emphasize performance skills such as hard work, competitiveness, accountability, confidence, discipline, and resiliency. Moral Skills such as unselfishness, honesty, respect for others, humility, loyalty, and trustworthiness will be emphasized

The process

training camp  


Training camp prepares potential MBA athletes for the MBA league tryouts.  


August – September: 

Tryouts will consist of stations (shooting, dribbling, footwork, and
finishing) and competitive basketball in 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 format. This provides the evaluators with both objective and
subjective data about each player. We will divide the players up by skill level into a proposed roster at the conclusion of the tryouts.  Once picked for an MBA team, a parent must accept their team slot within 24 hours of receiving an offer email.  


October – March: 

Students will be coached by NHS program approved coaches in 30-35 games with up to two 90-minute practices per week.  Teams will be made up of 8-9 players and will be named black, gold, silver, or white.

MBA skill session  

April – May:

  2 skill training sessions per month

MBA Frequently Asked Questions

Preseason Training Camps

An interactive training camp designed to prepare players for MBA tryouts. These sessions will be a
combination of skill development and competitive games. Sessions will be led by Varsity staff and MBA

August 4th, 11th, 18th 430-6 pm at NHS.  $40 per player.

When and where are the 2024 MBA Tryouts?


 August 19th OR 20th (Must attend one) from 630-8 pm at NHS.
        August 25th 430-630 (Mandatory) at NHS.
What type of coaching should we expect to receive?

What type of coaching should we expect to receive?
The MBA understands that the type of coaching your child receives is a major question most parents have. As with most
youth programs, our coaches are made up of parent volunteers. Each parent interested in coaching a team are required to
fill out an application and the MBA and Noblesville varsity staff review these. The selected coaches will be required to
complete a Tier 3 background check provided by Noblesville Schools. Coaches will receive training through our coaching
and skills clinics that will give them the tools to be successful.


 2-90 minute practices each week.  Some teams doubled up during practices for scrimmaging purposes.

How much time and travel should we expect with the MBA?

October – March: MBA teams will have two (2) 90-minute practices per week. The practices will be within Noblesville
School gyms. M14 skill training will be offered during the season in addition to weekly practices. Each team will play between 30-35
games. Games will be in the greater Hamilton County area, including Noblesville, Fishers, and Carmel. Some of our
teams will have the choice to play at Best Choice Fieldhouse this year and games around the 465 loop in Indianapolis.

Where will we play?

-Season consists of 30-35 games
PAC at Grand Park, Mojo, Best Choice, Lebanon Fieldhouse. 
-Indiana Ball: Sundays for only Black and Gold Teams

Requirements to play MBA
All players must be either:  a student
            of Noblesville Schools OR have a Noblesville address.
Can players play in another program while playing in the MBA?
Players can participate in another sport/program as long as MBA is top priority and the players do not pick the other program/sport over MBA result in missed practice or game(s). 
What is the tryout format and how will my player’s roster spot be determined?

Players get a number at the tryout registration desk. Tryouts will consist of stations (shooting, dribbling, footwork, and
finishing) and competitive basketball in 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 formats. This provides the evaluators with both objective and
subjective data about each player.  We will divide the players up by skill level into a proposed roster at the conclusion of the tryouts. We will notify
the parents by email of their placement, and they will only have 24 hours to accept or decline the placement.
MBA Director and Noblesville coaching staff will perform the evaluations. Evaluations are part science and part art form.
We strive to get it right every time, but we will make mistakes on some evaluations. Our goal is to do our best to evaluate
each player and place him at the appropriate level of competition in order to help him achieve the three goals of the MBA.
It is important to remember that team placement in grades 3-6 does not guarantee or prohibit varsity success. The MBA
goals are to teach the proper skills, develop a passion for the game, and develop character skills. The MBA believes doing
this will help prepare players to become NHS varsity basketball players.

Cut players after tryouts.

It is not a guarantee that every player who attends tryouts will make an MBA team. We realize that not every player who
attends tryouts will be developmentally ready for the MBA level of competition. If desired, the MBA will help players
find an appropriate level of basketball to continue their talent, character, and skill development.

What do the fees cover?
The entire MBA year is $700 (with $50 available to be returned when a parent works one volunteer shift during the year).  This fee includes:  30-35 games, 1 additional tournament, 2 practices/week, 1 M14 training session/week, uniforms, shooting shirt, practice jersey shirt, insurance, and admin costs.  All coaches will receive a logo’d shirt and 2 balls/bag for the team.
How will playing time be handled?
Playing time will be determined by each player’s practice/game results, attitude, work ethic,
and attendance.  
Who will direct and supervise the MBA?
 MBA has 5 directors (Chris Long, Eric Osborn, Nick Rodgers, Rob Field, and Head Varsity Coach Scott McClelland) that help make all decisions about the direction of the MBA.  
What is the parents’ role in the MBA?

The parents of each player are encouraged to support their son in both practices and games in only a positive way. The
MBA requires that parents demonstrate respect toward coaching staff, the referees, the opposing team, and fellow parents.
The MBA wants the parents to parent, the coach to coach, and the players to play. The MBA wants parents to allow their
son to be coached so they can simply enjoy watching him play basketball and grow as a young man. If an issue does
arise, please always wait 24 hours before addressing it.

What is the player’s role in the MBA?

The MBA will expect each player to have the right attitude, be respectful, concentrate, and give his best effort in practices
and games. The MBA requires players to understand both success and failure are a vital part of the learning process, and it
is their responsibility to make themselves better through years of proper repetition in practice.